Why should I take care of plastic pollution? 

Water in plastic bottles is tru%ked up. Every molecule of plastic ever produced still exists. That’s quite a commitment for 12 ounces of water.

Bottles left outside break into tiny toxic pieces, which contaminate the environment in a process that scientists call “gross.”

Show me the science. Sure thing! Here’s some light-ish reading: https://tahoe.ucdavis.edu/microplastics

Technically, “every molecule” doesn’t exist because some do get incinerated, but in general terms… 

Plastic is forever. Petroleum-based plastics like PET do not decompose in the same manner that organic material does. Unlike wood, grass, and food scraps, these plastics are unrecognizable to the organisms that normally break organic matter down and thus do not biodegrade. Instead, these plastics will often undergo a process called photodegradation, which is essentially sunlight breaking the plastic into tons of tiny pieces over time. Even still, landfill plastic is not afforded much sunlight and thus does not get much opportunity to photodegrade.

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