Why should I take care of Tahoe?

  • If it’s your dog, then it’s your doody. Tahoe is a dog’s paradise with endless trails and cool fresh water, but their waste is creating big problems with water clarity. More info
  • Your butt’s stinking up the beach: The beach is not an ashtray. Please collect your  cigarette butts. More info
  • Batten down the trashes! Run a tight ship. Keep yar trash aboard. More info
  • Trash day is a bear’s buffet. Bears will eat your garbage. Lock it down with bear-proof bins. More info
  • Like to relax by a campfire after a long day? Sure- we all do! But a runaway wildfire could potentially destroy your home and destroy communities. Give it a big wet one before you go. More info
  • What’s on your bottom? Invasive plants arrive on your watercraft. Clean, Drain and Dry before launching. More info
  • There’s a better hiding spot for your garbage. The trashcan. More info
  • Drink Tahoe Tap. The world’s best water is right at your fingertips. Go ahead, turn it on! More info
  • Blaze a trail of kindness. All trails in Tahoe are nice trails. When you see other bikers, hikers, dogs and horses, smile! More info
  • Everything drains into the Lake! Keep excess nutrients and pollutants that reduce water clarity out of the lake. More info
  • Over the river not through the woods! Use the river responsibly. More info

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