Why should I take care with be kind on trails?

Bikers, hikers, dog walkers and horses all share the trails. Following trail etiquette is as easy as being kind and passing along with a smile. Respect uphill traffic and give plenty of space for horses. Do your utmost to let your fellow trail users know you’re coming – a friendly greeting is a good method.

Curious about the new work we are doing to encourage trail etiquette, specifically on paved trails? Check out our newest initiative installing stencilled messages along the Legacy Trail in Truckee. Read more here.

Spring Riding Etiquette

  • Avoid trails that you know are going to be muddy. In the spring, that often means avoiding north-facing trails that don’t get much sun and those that have more clay in the soil. Try and stick to those sandy trails we all love!
  • If you do come across a section of trail with standing water or mud, don’t ride around it on vegetation but ride through it. If everyone rides around it, the trail footprint gets wider and makes more trail for us to maintain.
  • If we’re getting a hard freeze at night, get out riding early before the trails have thawed and become muddy.
  • Watch for down trees! We had some big wind events this winter and there are bound to be trees across the trails. Just like the standing water or mud, if you do come across a down tree, please try not to ride around it as this adds to the work our volunteers need to do when they clear the tree. Snap a photo of the tree and email the location and diameter of the tree to [email protected]and we’ll try and get out and clear it as soon as possible.

Busy Trails

As everyone knows, we saw a huge increase in trail use over the past year and that trend will certainly continue this year. Please be courteous to all trail users you see enjoying our public lands. Here are a couple tips to remember when you’re out.

  • Alert users when you’re approaching, slow down and say hello. Let other users know how many people are in your group behind you.
  • Avoid the crowds by getting an early start on your day. The trails are most busy from 10 am – 4 pm.
  • Ride from home whenever possible to reduce trailhead parking congestion. Rack up some extra miles!
  • If you’re parking in a neighborhood, please be respectful of the residents.
  • Pack out what you pack in and pick up litter if you do see it.
Stop and say hi, as you never know who you might meet!

New Crew Leader Training

If you are interested in leading volunteer trail days or just expanding your own knowledge of trail building, you should sign up for our 2021 Crew Leader Training. It’ll take place May 22-23 and will be all outdoors. There will be a capacity limit, so register early!

This training is only open to current TAMBA members. To register, please sign up here.


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