Wednesday 12/16 | Get the training. 


Education is everything. So far this week, we’ve learned the backcountry is dangerous and uncertain. Good thing we can overcome this uncertainty by getting educated! Taking an AIARE Level 1 or avalanche 101 class is a great way to learn how you can make the proper decision in the backcountry.

Today, we will cover why you need training and where to find training providers and routines to follow once you have training because education is everything.

Where to get training: 

Thanks to Sierra Avalanche Center, you can find every local backcountry education provider on this page:

Why training matters with Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center 

Daily Flow. 

To return safely from each day in the mountains, you need a risk management process that isn’t burdensome and difficult to follow. Welcome to the Sierra Avalanche Center’s “Daily Flow.” When applied well, the “Daily Flow” is an elegant way to structure your day. It allows for fun in the snow while managing avalanche risk and providing opportunities for lifelong learning.

Backcountry Tips and Etiquette Part 3 with Tahoe Backcountry Alliance & Alpenglow Expeditions

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