Earth Week

Happy 2024 Earth Week!


Our planet does some pretty amazing things for us. Celebrate Earth Day with the Tahoe Earth Week Challenge.


Celebrate in person this year in South Lake Tahoe and North Lake Tahoe. To learn more about South Tahoe events visit here. To learn more about North Tahoe events visit here


Complete one activity each day of the week, April 22-27. Post your pictures and tag #earthweektahoe! 


What to Wear: Colors of the Rainbow

  • Fill your reusable water bottle with Tahoe Tap and help eliminate microplastics from polluting our waterways.
  • Check out the Drink Tahoe Tap Refill Station Map to learn where you can fill up for free.
  • Learn more about the new single use plastic bottle ban that just went into effect in South Lake Tahoe HERE.

What to Wear: Blue for clean water

  • Download the Tahoe Nature Activity Book for a month worth of nature activities.
  • Join the dark sky movement and turn off outside lights at night to protect wildlife and save energy.
  • Go birdwatching and record what birds you find HERE!
  • Do your part to Keep Wildlife Wild by securing trash with bear-proof bins.

What to Wear: Animal print or animal-themed shirt

What to Wear: White for clean clouds

What to Wear: Red to prevent wildfire

  • Visit the South Tahoe Earth Day Festival at Lake Tahoe Community College and learn how to love the environment.
  • Practice the Leave No Trace principles to protect the environment.
  • Go on a hike – blaze a trail of kindness in a new place.
  • Watch Protect Lake Tahoe with Generation Green and the USFS!

What to Wear: Green for sustainability

Please Share Your Story!

Participants in these Earth Week Activities are encouraged to share their experiences online using the hashtag #earthweektahoe on your preferred social platform or send your pictures to [email protected].