The Take Care Tahoe Campaign uses humor to share stewardship messages

This month, a new digital billboard campaign has been unveiled on behalf of over 50 partners who have collaborated on the “Take Care Tahoe” effort to encourage more responsible behavior while in Tahoe. Designed with messages that use humor, the campaign was created to capture the attention of visitors when they are en route to Tahoe to encourage stewardship and responsible recreation during their stay. Thanks to financial support from the Tahoe Fund, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, and the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority, digital billboards carrying the Take Care™ messaging are visible on I-80 Eastbound in Colfax and Highway 50 Eastbound in Folsom, California. 

“With the ‘Take Care Tahoe’ digital billboard campaign, our goal is to educate visitors before they arrive about how they can take care of the environment when they’re here,” said Amy Berry, Tahoe Fund CEO. “This includes things like cleaning up after their dogs, not leaving broken sleds behind, eliminating the use of plastic straws, and blazing a trail of kindness on public trails throughout the region.”

The concept for the Take Care Tahoe campaign was developed by a collective group of organizations that love Lake Tahoe and want to see more people connect with the beautiful natural environment. Via the Take Care website, visitors and residents can find out more about Earth Day festivals, beach cleanups, nature walks and more. In an effort to encourage sustainability and responsible recreation, the campaign also includes ways people can help “Take Care” of Tahoe using humor to poke fun at the mistakes that are made. The campaign was developed by the creative team of Nate Laver and Meg Seigal and is directed by BRONTOSAURUS! Los Angeles. 

With more than 100 destinations around the world grappling with negative impacts from tourism, according to a European Union report, Tahoe is not alone in asking visitors to be part of the solution to protect the environment. Lake Tahoe is one of the clearest large lakes in the world and the second deepest in the United States. “We’re hoping the millions of visitors to Tahoe will become part of the solution to protect this special place,” said Joanne Marchetta, Executive Director of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

The digital billboards will be active throughout the winter season, cycling through the campaign’s humorous but informative messages regularly.

Learn more about Take Care Tahoe online at or via Instagram @takecaretahoe. Find out more about the environmental projects supported by the Tahoe Fund at Here’s what ran on the I-80 Billboard: 


About Take Care Tahoe

Take Care Tahoe is a collective group of more than 50 organizations that love Lake Tahoe and want to see more people connect with this beautiful natural environment. Through a regional collaboration, the team has created a clever and engaging stewardship campaign that reminds residents and visitors to take care of Tahoe. The newly launched is a one-stop resource for all things related to environmental education events, volunteer opportunities and messages in the Tahoe Region, with information on more than 50 organizations and more than 200 events.


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