Take Care Partners connecting visitors to Tahoe’s environment like never before

Take Care Tahoe is designed to remind people in a fun and friendly way about the behaviors we’d like to encourage in our region and to provide a better connection to our environment through fun educational opportunities. Turns out, creating that connection with people is harder than you think…

The solution? The Take Care Tahoe Bear

Accompanied by a Handler, this friendly bear mascot is the perfect icebreaker to start conversations about sometimes messy subjects, like sled litter. His message is a simple one – clean up after yourselves and your pets, and leave the area as you found it.

This past weekend, the Take Care Bear was out and about at Spooner Summit educating families with a new message #NoSledLeftBehind. Channel 2 News shot a story on the bear, watch it HERE.

Keep an eye out for the Take Care Bear at many more events this year! Hint, Earth Day is coming up 🙂

For those that may not know, Take Care Tahoe is the unified stewardship campaign for Tahoe with a goal of building a culture of caretaking in the region. The concept for the Take Care Tahoe campaign was developed by a collective group of over 50 organizations that love Lake Tahoe and want to see more people connect with the beautiful natural environment. The campaign was developed by the creative team of Nate Laver and Meg Seigal and is directed by BRONTOSAURUS! Los Angeles.