Friday 12/18 | Motorized Travel Safety & Tips


There are tons of ways to enjoy the backcountry. One of those is by snowmobile or snow bike. Motorized backcountry travelers have a whole slew of safety concerns to pay attention to. This day of Backcountry Safety Awareness Week is for all motorized users, especially those new to the sport.

Where to get educated for motorized use.

Sierra Avalanche Center offers Level 1, Rescue, and Level 2 avalanche classes for motorized users. Interested parties can register for a class through this LINK.

Travel Tips & Safety with Lake Tahoe Snowmobilers. 

Motorized Daily Flow.

To return safely from each day in the mountains, you need a risk management process that isn’t burdensome and difficult to follow. Welcome to the Sierra Avalanche Center’s “Daily Flow.” When applied well, the “Daily Flow” is an elegant way to structure your day. It allows for fun in the snow while managing avalanche risk and providing opportunities for lifelong learning.

More Resources.