Getting outside is important for mental and physical health, but right now it comes with special safety issues.


Here are some tips to stay healthy and safe:

Six feet and a mask, please. Even outside. Especially inside.

Tahoe will be here when this passes. For safety, recreation areas may close unexpectedly.

Six feet and a mask, please. Even at the beach. 

It’s the wrong time to push your limits. Local hospitals are in limited operation. #curbyourturns

It’s okay to go out, but stay close to home… and far from everyone else.

 Guidelines change pretty fast. If you don’t stop and check local websites, you might miss one.

Please do whatever it takes, to take whatever you brought, Leave No Trace

I know your instinct is to give me a high five but since we’re all #socialdistancing, a wave is fine 🙂

No germs… or anything else… left behind.

Where can I find public safety information resources?

Take Care has a full suite of printable signs and social media messages for your business or property. Visit this link HERE

You can also order printed signs of various sizes and materials HERE