Take Care Tahoe has partnered with Kind Traveler, an innovative travel booking platform, to provide people with a new way to book a sustainable vacation that gives back to Tahoe. As a proud partner with Kind Traveler, we invite our community to explore exclusive offers from Kind Traveler’s socially conscious collection of hotels and take advantage of the opportunity to give back and support Take Care.

As a reminder, Take Care Tahoe believes that Lake Tahoe is an environmental success story and a global role model for sustainability. Take Care inspires more people to care for the Lake Tahoe environment by building a culture of stewardship. Whether it’s picking up trash or ditching plastic water bottles to drink Tahoe tap, Take Care inspires individual acts of stewardship – both big and small. 

Kind Traveler has some other tips for how you can be a #KindTraveler when visiting Tahoe. These include:

  • Choose Take Care Tahoe as your local charity when you book with Kind Traveler.
  • Learn about all the environmental activities, including trail building, beach cleanups, guided bird hikes, and more, that you can participate in right here at Take Care Tahoe.
  • Visit one of the Take Care Education Centers to learn more about the region.
  • Spread the word about #TakeCareTahoe on your social media pages during your visit.
  • “Drink Tahoe Tap” and leave the plastic bottles at home when you visit Lake Tahoe.

A veteran-and-women-owned public benefit corporation, Kind Traveler is the first Give + Get hotel booking platform that empowers travelers to make a positive impact in the communities they visit. 100% of donations go to Take Care Tahoe.

Book any Kind Hotel and in the final booking page, simply select Take Care Tahoe as your charity of choice. Learn more: https://www.kindtraveler.com/content/take-care-tahoe