SWEP Science Festival at Incline Elementary

Science Festival: Volunteers Needed!

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9:00 am - 2:00 pm
December 10 - 11th, 2018
Incline Village Elementary

What's in Store:

Volunteers will host a hands-on, science activity station (designed by SWEP) with small groups of students.   No experience necessary, just a willingness to explore science with students.  (There will be an informal training before the event that will help volunteers get acquainted with their station and activity.)

The Science Festival is a school day program that engages students in hands-on scientific exploration stations that emphasize the scientific thinking and practices. This STEAM style Science Festival engages students in hands on science inquire, while also introducing them to important scientific content.

The Family Science Night program is a fun, interactive, and educational evening for families, which compliments a school day Science Festival for students. These two programs are designed to increase the visibility of science in everyday life, and increase the confidence of children and their families regarding what science is and how to engage in scientific thinking.