Stories in the Snow: Snowflake Photography


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4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
January 18th, 2021


Have you ever taken a close look at a snowflake and wondered just why each one is unique? Join us on January 18th in a FREE, VIRTUAL EVENT to learn how to take your own photos of snow crystals up close.


Grownups and kids alike will discover how snow crystals form and easy ways to turn your awe into art! We will be mailing FREE Stories in the Snow kits to the first 100 people that register.

You and the kids will learn how to use the Stories in the Snow kit to take your own snowflake pictures. You’ll learn how to share your snowflake pictures with scientists and your friends.


Discover the forces of nature that give rise to intricate snow crystal shapes. Get ideas for beautiful macro photography all year round.


Register now by clicking this link:…/tZAvc…




Photo Credit: Peter Day Photography

Please Note: The event will be recorded and may be used for broadcast.