BSAW: Pushing the Boundaries: Insights from Professional Backcountry Skiers & Guides

Hosted by Alpenglow Expeditions

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3:30 pm
December 16th, 2023
Alpenglow Expeditions Office, 1985 Olympic Valley Rd, Suite #23, Olympic Valley, CA

Event Description

Join Alpenglow Expeditions for an insightful discussion featuring trailblazers in the world of backcountry skiing: Adrian Ballinger, Emily Harrington, and Amie Engerbretson, as well as Alpenglow Guides Dave Nettle and Sydney Paez Duncan. In this engaging panel, these esteemed athletes and adventurers will share their experiences, expertise, and profound insights into the art and challenges of backcountry skiing.

Meet The Panelists

Adrian Ballinger: Renowned mountaineer, ski mountaineer, and IFMGA Guide, Adrian Ballinger has summited Mount Everest multiple times and is celebrated for his groundbreaking ascents without supplemental oxygen. He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for high-altitude skiing and backcountry exploration.

Emily Harrington: An accomplished professional rock climber and skier, Emily Harrington has pushed boundaries in both climbing and skiing realms. She has achieved remarkable feats in the world of outdoor sports, including becoming the first woman to free climb ‘Golden Gate’ on El Capitan in under 24 hours and a complete ski descent of Cho Oyu.

Amie Engerbretson: As a professional skier and outdoor enthusiast, Amie Engerbretson has carved her path in the backcountry skiing scene. Her passion for skiing has also led her to become an advocate and athlete for Protect Our Winters.

Dave Nettle: A backcountry ski legend known for pioneering new routes in treacherous terrains, showcasing unparalleled skill, and mentoring aspiring adventurers in mastering the slopes. His trailblazing expeditions and unparalleled expertise have solidified his status as a revered figure in the world of backcountry skiing.

Event Highlights

During this panel discussion, our speakers will delve into:
– Exploration and Adventure: Hear firsthand accounts of their most memorable backcountry skiing adventures and the challenges they overcame in remote and demanding terrains.
– Safety and Preparedness: Gain valuable insights into safety measures, preparation, and decision-making in the unpredictable backcountry environment.
– Environmental Conservation: Learn about the panelists’ commitment to preserving and respecting the natural landscapes where they pursue their passion for skiing.
– Inspiration and Motivation: Discover the stories and experiences that continue to fuel their love for skiing and exploration, inspiring audiences to embark on their own backcountry adventures.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hear from Adrian Ballinger, Emily Harrington, Amie Engerbretson, and Alpenglow Expedition guides Dave Nettle and Sydney Paez Duncan as they share their thrilling experiences and invaluable insights into the expansive world of backcountry skiing and where it can take you.