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The Tahoe-Truckee region is governed by 6 counties, a city, a town, two states, and the federal government. This can create a lot of confusion even when we aren’t operating under COVID-19 restrictions.  Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. 

Keep in mind, guidelines and laws are changing daily, and things may change before we can update these (last updated 6/4/2020). 

Can I visit Lake Tahoe?

Non-essential travel restrictions are still in place, including vacation- and recreation-related travel. While recreation areas in the Tahoe-Truckee Region may be open, expect limited operations for local use only.

Check with your state or county for the latest information regarding openings and travel restrictions, and know before you go.

Can I visit my second home?

The answer is that people need to think as much about whether they SHOULD travel as whether they CAN travel. 

There are no legal consequences for those who arrive at their homes, if they travel to that home is for “essential” purposes. If the purpose of traveling was to have a nice visit to Truckee/Tahoe, such travel would be against the spirit of California and Nevada’s orders. A good rule of thumb is, if you have to ask if your visit is business-related, it is likely not an essential reason. Travel SHOULD be for essential or business purposes only. Please respect local travel restrictions if traveling to your second-home for non-essential reasons. 

Check with your state or county for the latest openings and travel restrictions. 

Are boat ramps open?

Boat ramps and boat inspections around Tahoe are slowly opening with guidance from state and local health departments. Find the most recent updates HERE.

STAY SAFE: Lake Tahoe is a big, high alpine lake. The water is always cold and weather conditions can change rapidly. Learn more HERE

Is camping allowed? 

Developed campgrounds in the region are currently closed. While dispersed camping is technically available on some Forest Service lands in the Lake Tahoe Region, permits must be obtained online at least 1 day before your trip. Camping and any overnight stay is not advisable nor in alignment with the Governors’ directives from California. Instead, consider the options for day use that are open with limited operations for local use only. If you are going to camp, please follow Leave No Trace principles and follow the current and stringent fire restrictions.

Campfires are NOT allowed in the Lake Tahoe Basin and surrounding region.

Can day-use recreational areas be used? Are beaches open?

Yes. Day-use recreational areas (beaches, trails, etc.) are currently under “soft-openings”. Expect limited accessibility for local use only. Area parking lots and restroom facilities may not be open. Be prepared. Restrooms and other facilities are not cleaned after every use.

Local residents are allowed to recreate alone or with their household members. Please practice social distancing while recreating. Remember to Leave No Trace. 

Can I rent recreation equipment? 

Rental equipment is allowed in all jurisdictions in the Tahoe region. 

Check with your state or county for the latest openings and travel restrictions and guidance on rental providers. 

Are restaurants open?

Yes, most restaurants around Tahoe are now open with take-out service and/or modified dining room service. 

Do I have to wear a mask?

Many businesses in the region are requiring customers to wear masks based on guidance from state and local health officials. We kindly ask that masks are worn when visiting area recreation sites, including trails and beaches. 

Is there a maximum group size I can hang out with?

In both California and Nevada, groups of 10 or more are not permitted. 

Are golf courses open?

Yes, golf courses around Tahoe are now open with modified tee-times and social distancing. Note, some “public” golf courses are only open to current pass holders. Please call your local course for more information about their guidelines and to schedule a tee time. 

Are hotels open? Can I rent a house?

No, hotels or vacation homes are not currently open under current state mandates.

Is the bus still available? Transit?

Yes, transit is still available. Routes are subject to changes and social distancing requirements, including masks. 

What is the status of special events at Tahoe? 

Many special and annual events and large gatherings at Lake Tahoe have been canceled, postponed, or rescheduled. Please check with the specific event host or location for the latest information. 

Do I need to cancel my wedding, family reunion, etc.?

Currently, gatherings of 10 or more people are not allowed. Depending on the location of your event it may or may not be postponed. Please check with your location host for more details. 

Where can I find public safety information resources?

Take Care has a full suite of printable signs and social media messages for your business or property. Visit this link HERE

You can also order printed signs of various sizes and materials HERE

Information by Region: Use the map below to find the latest information from that county.