Tahoe Donner Association

11509 Northwoods Blvd.
Truckee, CA 96161

Our connection to Take Care

Tahoe Donner is one of America’s largest homeowner’s associations, with nearly 6,500 properties and 25,000 members enjoying over 7,300 acres in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Tahoe Donner is an eclectic community with a passion for outdoor recreation, a celebration of the Tahoe lifestyle, and a proud supporter of Take Care.

Tahoe Donner is a recreational-oriented mountain residential community whose mutual benefit association of 6,500 owners provides for the standards, regular operation and long-term maintenance of programs, facilities and open space. Through continuous improvement, customer service and fiscal accountability, the association maintains leading standards of natural resource stewardship, facilities, programs and services to benefit the owners/members. Organizational effectiveness and innovation within the association are sustained by maintaining a highly professional board of directors, staff and homeowner committee volunteers, while also engaging the local community in an effective and collaborative relationship.