On September 23, 2013, 60 stakeholders gathered to identify the key behavioral changes—things people can do—to protect the natural environment in Tahoe. The group determined that their collective efforts have suffered because there are too many uncoordinated messages.

The campaign laid out here aims to promote a culture of environmental stewardship, using one voice to inspire people to take care of Tahoe. Stakeholders from the entire region have committed to using this campaign in their outreach efforts.

This campaign is a series of small reminders that poke fun at the mistakes we all make when we’re not paying attention. Our hope is that we will inspire a culture of caretaking across residents and visitors, old and young, so beaches are clean on the 5th of July as they are on the 3rd.

Take Care™ is led by the Lake Tahoe Outreach Committee, a group of organizations working together to help inspire a greater sense of community and environmental responsibility/stewardship in the greater Tahoe Region. The campaign was developed by the creative team of Meg Siegal and Nate Laver.

Lake Tahoe Outreach Committee