The beauty of Tahoe takes our breath away, but it can take our minds too.

Take Care™ is a friendly reminder of what can happen when we are not paying attention. Mistakes happen, but please try to take care.

Watch the video to learn more, and pledge to Take Care.

Nobody wants to see your dirty butt.

Cigarette butts tossed onto the beaches and trails release chemicals into the environment and can take at least ten years to degrade.

Be #1 at picking up #2.

Did you know that dog poop left unattended can eventually make its way into our drinking water?

You gonna eat that?

Did you know many bears have stopped hibernating because of the easy access to human food? Remember, a fed bear is a dead bear.

Batten down the trashes!

Me hearties! Have a fine time while a boatin’ you go. Please keep plastic bags and litter from flyin' overboard. It will either wash up on our beaches or end up in the tummies of our native creatures.

What’s on your bottom?

Everyone loves to spend time on the water. But nobody wants sharp shells washing up on the beach and cutting our bare feet, or invasive weeds wrapped around our ankles.

Give your campfire a big wet one.

The number one cause of uncontrolled wildfires is human beings. Don’t let your party go up in flames.

Don’t be a tosser.

Did you know? Volunteers picked up more than 2,300 pounds of trash from just six beaches on July 5, 2014.

Such a turn on.

Our water tastes as good as it looks. For a good time, hook up with Tahoe tap.

We’re all in this together.

You love it. Your friends love it. Your mamma loves it. We all love Tahoe. So let's all pay attention to the little things that make a big difference here.

Keep these dirtbags off your lawn.

Tahoe is a basin. Whatever you put on the ground will wind up in the lake.

Happy Trails!

Tahoe has nice trails, so please be nice on our trails. When you see other bikers, hikers, dogs and horses, smile!

What happens here shouldn't stay here.

Don't get carried away. Enter the river where marked. Row, row, row your raft gently down the stream. Then take all your stuff out of the river.