Spooner Backcountry Camp over July 4th!

Spooner Backcountry

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4:00 pm - 4:00 pm
July 4 - 7th, 2019
Marlette Lake


Spend the 4th of July with the TRTA helping build new trail. Volunteers will be able to enjoy a stunning firework show from the east shore at this multi-day trail work camp.

This camp will mark the second major effort in a three-year project to relocate and reconstruct portions of the TRT above the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. During this camp we’ll primarily be working to build new trail that is more sustainable and scenic than the current route.

This is a trail crew Backcountry Camp, and requires camping in a remote setting without access to personal vehicles, though vehicles will transport personal gear to the campsite. Cell phone reception is spotty or non-existent. There is no access to running water or electricity. Meals will be prepared by volunteer camp chefs. This camp is rated Moderately Strenuous.

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