FOREST⇌FIRE Art Exhibit – extended dates!

Truckee, Ca

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7:00 am
December 10th, 2021 - September 15th, 2022
Truckee Community Recreation Center


FOREST⇌FIRE is an inter-disciplinary, multi-sensory installation connecting art, the humanities and science.

Located at the Truckee Community Recreation Center, it flows thematically through past, present and future, utilizing painting, textiles, beadwork, sculpture, photography and more, to tell the story of the forest ecology and its relationship with fire. Of how indigenous people, using low intensity fire, created and maintained the West’s pre-European, old growth forest for thousands of years, of why our forests are currently in ecological collapse and what can be done immediately to prevent the loss of our Forest.

Through the story and artwork of 18 California writers and artists, the exhibition:

  • Shares a science-based solution to catastrophic fire.

  • Addresses the paradox that some trees need to be removed to save the Forest.

  • Explains why fire needs to become our partner in returning the Forest to resiliency.

  • Provides a vision of what a healthy future forest actually looks like.

  • Offers an economically sustainable, hopeful future for the Forest.

  • Aims to activate a transformative cultural understanding that we learn to live as a part of Nature, rather than apart from Nature in facing Climate Change

Learn more at:

FOREST⇌FIRE Flyer (Opening Dec 10 at 5pm)