4th Annual Tahoe-Pyramid Trail Bikeathon

Reno, Nevada

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8:00 am - 3:00 pm
February 29th, 2020
Great Basin Bicycles, 8048 South Virginia St, Reno, NV

A fun workout to support the Tahoe Pyramid Trail!

Support the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail and a great local bike shop (Great Basin Bicycles)

Come Ride in the 4th Annual Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeathon

Experience the thrill and camaraderie of indoor riding that is linked to a computer and “screen display” so everyone can see their progress. Generally, the goal is to have all riders in a group reach the finish line together; however, sometimes the 8 people riding at a station may split into a faster and slower group. (The ride leader for that time segment will help sort that out as needed.)

16 people per hour can ride at the two “8-bike stations” set up at Great Basin Bicycles. Each “riding time segment” includes a ride leader provided by Great Basin Bicycles.

We encourage spectators to come in and cheer on the riders, enjoy refreshments, learn about the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail (aka: TPT – BTW, our TPT exhibit table and TPT volunteers will be there and of course help you with your donations!) One of the ride leaders, shop owner Rich Staley, will be riding all 7 sessions. On the day of event, we encourage you to share on social media showing his and other riders’ progress at the event.

2020 Bikeathon FAQs

  • Each “hour session” costs $12.00 (Yes, you can ride more than one session if you like. But it is definitely best to reserve your time slot(s) as soon as possible)
  • Each session is 50 minutes, starting on the hour. We try to stay on schedule.
  • Bring your own towel for your sweat, please.
  • 50% of “Riding Fees” are donated to the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail.
  • If you don’t “reserve your time slot, and you just “show up” on the day of the event, you may not be able to ride for an hour or more. Early Morning Times are the most in-demand
  • It is a first-come, first-served for drop-ins. Reservations will hold your “riding time”.
  • People should arrive 15 minutes before the on-the-hour start times. If people bring their own bikes, which most do, they will need to be looked at to make sure they have a quick release back axle to fit on the trainer. There will be loaner axles to quickly swap out during the few minutes before the class if needed.
  • Participants ride their own bicycles. But if you don’t have a “bike” a few loaner bikes are available at Great Basin Bicycles. for questions or reserving one of their loaners, call Great Basin Bicycles ahead of time and make your request. (They will do their best to accommodate you, but have a limited number of sizes in their loaner bikes.)
  • See the Great Basin Bicycles Google Calendar for the Feb 29 date and the  “Tahoe Pyramid Trail” listings. https://www.greatbasinbicycles.com/projects/. FYI, when you click each class time it opens up another window that shows the names of people signed up in that time slot; only Great Basin staff has access to add names in the time slots.
  • You can also CALL Great Basin (775-825-8258) and the staff there will add the caller to the class on the calendar or answer your questions.
  • Payment is required on the day of the event when you show up to ride (cash, check or debit/credit card) for the days ride event.
    (Note: Please DO NOT use your “store account” if you are a “regular”Great Basin Bicycles CompuTrainer rider so TPT can receive the 50% donation benefit of your “ride time”)
  • Tahoe-Pyramid Trail Volunteers will be on hand to help with payments and “extra donations” to TPT and also answer your “trail questions”.
  • You can even call Great Basin Bicycles to make Credit Card donations for TPT over the phone (775-825-8258)
  • TPT will have an information table and refreshments and snacks will be provided for the participants.

Need more information? Visit the TPT website!